Monday, April 14, 2014

Anna from Frozen


  1. Wow! I love it! I wish I could draw that well!!

  2. Wow great work! The detail in the cloak and on her dress is so impressive. Im seventeen and while I have yet to get the talent of being an artist I love seeing other people who have great passion. Your work truly shows dedication! i hope you will post more soon and perhaps if you write stories or take pictures you could post those as well... Great Work ,keep it up!!!!:)

  3. I think my favorite aspect of this piece is the highlights in her hair. Or her eyes. I can't decide! Eyes are typically my favorite part of a portrait. They are also the hardest for me to get right in my own work!!!
    But you nailed it!
    Do you like working on people?
    Figure drawing?
    Ask your mom to get a book or two from the library- notebooks of the masters. Leonardo divinci is my favorite figure sketch artist. Michelangelo has a good notebook as well. And you can use their sketches as guides- as a tutor of sorts.
    Good stuff so far Ella!